When I install the Cloverly app it’s asking me for a lot of permissions. Is that OK?

Cloverly asks for only the permissions we need in order to carry out an order. We do not store any personally identifiable customer information or order data.

During a successful checkout, Cloverly is contacted twice by Shopify. First, Cloverly is contacted when the customer enters the cart screen to retrieve an offset quote from us. Second, if the customer chooses the checkbox, Cloverly is contacted after a successful order is placed so we can do the offsetting.

The only Shopify mechanism we have to know if an order is successful (the second time we’re contacted) is called a webhook, which you can read more about by clicking here. The webhook contains information about the order. The only information that Cloverly stores on its servers is the customer’s zip code and the weight of the package. We do not store personal information about the customer. You can read more at our Privacy Policy page.

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