How does the Cloverly Slack app work?

Cloverly for Slack uses the Cloverly API to estimate the carbon emissions of shipping, business travel, commuting, and other everyday activities and then offset those emissions. It's for companies that already have Slack (the business communication platform).

To use the Cloverly for Slack app, first install it at Then create an account at, enter a credit card to get a production API key, and add the key to the Slack app settings. After you've done that, you're all set to offset carbon inside Slack.

To green an activity, enter a command in the form of a Slack message beginning with "/green." Here are some examples:

  • /green my 15 mile commute
  • /green shipping from 94043 to 35209 weighing 18 kg
  • /green shipping from 35209 to 94043 weighing 35 pounds
  • /green my flight from sfo to den to jfk
  • /green business trip to new york
  • /green my coffee

When you make a request, Cloverly lets you know whether it was able to do an offset. If it does complete the offset, it shows exactly what Renewable Energy Credit or carbon offset was used and how much carbon was offset.

For more details, you can read a blog post about Cloverly for Slack by clicking here or visit

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