How does Cloverly's API calculate the carbon impact of air travel?

The Cloverly flight endpoint calculates the typical fuel burn per passenger on a typical flight of a certain distance. Thus, API requests for greening a flight require a distance. But when dealing with flights, people don't typically talk distance. They talk departure and arrival airports.

So our API accepts three-letter IATA (International Air Transport Association) airport codes. Users of Cloverly for Slack can green their flights in Slack by entering commands beginning with "/green" in Slack messages, and then listing the airport codes. For example, this would green a round-trip flight between San Francisco and Frankfurt, Germany, with a connection each way in Atlanta:

/green my flight from sfo to atl to fra to atl to sfo

For technical details of how it works, see a blog post we wrote about it by clicking here. For more about Cloverly for Slack, see the Slack App section of our knowledge base.

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