Hiding Cloverly from your Product Field

The Cloverly app for Shopify creates a product in your store called Carbon Offset for Shipping. The default product for Cloverly will sometimes appear in your store's product field if you have logic set up to display all products (collections/all). Here is a step by step instructions to hide Cloverly from your product field.


(1) Identify the collection that Cloverly is appearing in. If it appears on the collections/all page, and you don't have a defined collection for this, you'll need to define a collection for "All" (it is a default that Shopify creates, it exists on the store, but you are creating it in the backend). 

To create collections/all, add a new collection, title it "All," and add the condition "Product price is greater than 0."



(2) In the collection you've identified Cloverly is appearing in or the new collection you've just created, add a condition to exclude Cloverly. The logic should be: "Product title is not equal to Carbon Offset for Shipping". The "products much match" field should match "all conditions". Click save to save your changes.



If you need further help here is a video, or please reach out to support@cloverly.com


*Note* You need to keep the Cloverly product marked available in Online Store under Product Availablity. See the image below from the Cloverly product page. When Cloverly is marked unavailable in the Online Store you will get an Out of Stock message for cloverly.  If you uncheck this to hide Cloverly from your product field, please recheck Online Store. 




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