Does Cloverly work with drop-shipping?

Cloverly's Shopify app was built to calculate the carbon impact of shipping a customer's order. The calculation takes into account where the order is coming from. Due to our limitations within Shopify, our settings have 1 input for "ship from." That being said, you can still provide carbon-neutral delivery as an option for your customers if you use drop-shipping.  For those store owners using drop-shipping, we suggest 2 possible ways to set up your Cloverly app. Both provide full coverage of the carbon impact of every shipment.


First, we recommend using the postal code from your highest volume location. Drop-shipping uses the closest location to where the delivery is going to determine where to ship from. If Location A, your highest volume ship-from location, is the default location you set up in your Cloverly app, but the package is coming from Location B, our app is going to overestimate the amount needed to offset the carbon because Location A will be farther from the destination than Location B. That means the order will go beyond being carbon-neutral and will actually be carbon negative. At Cloverly, our philosophy is that it's always OK to overgreen. The extra cost will almost always be just a few pennies.


Second, you can use our flat rate mode. This is when the store chooses 1 fixed amount to use for offsetting the carbon cost of all deliveries. To do this, please reach out to for an estimated cost to offset. We are happy to help you find an accurate flat rate to cover the carbon emissions associated with all of your orders. In general, $1 covers most US domestic shipments. 


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