BigCommerce App: Price and Offset Behavior Breakdown

We have three modes that stores can implement in the Cloverly for BigCommerce app.  

  1. First is our default mode, where the customer pays for offsetting the calculated carbon emissions for shipping their order, if they choose. This presents Estimate View, which is a checkbox on the cart for customers to opt in to paying for carbon-neutral delivery. 
  2. Second is flat rate mode. Stores choose a flat rate to present in Estimate View (higher than the cost we estimate for carbon-neutral delivery) for their customers to opt to pay for carbon-neutral delivery. This means more money is going to the offset projects than just what covers the cost of emissions. Stores use this for a variety of reasons. Some want to avoid adding multiple variants in their stores for the Cloverly product. Others want more money going to the projects because the cost of covering the emissions is usually very low. In this case, the store is still not paying for anything. Payment is an option for their customers at checkout. 
  3. Our last mode is green everything. This is where we calculate the carbon emissions for each order that is purchased, and the store pays for it. Greened View appears on the cart to show the customers what the store is offsetting for them. The store will cover the cost of offsetting the emissions, and the customers don't pay anything.

Within our BigCommerce app, these are easy to toggle between. Some stores will do promotions where they cover the carbon emissions of all shipments for a specified period. 


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