Having a Cloverly account means you can buy carbon offsets whenever you want! This is done through the Buy Offsets tab:


Purchasing Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST have a credit card associated with your account to use this feature. You can add a card in the Billing section of the Account Settings.

Offsets can be purchased by carbon amount OR by dollar mount.

When purchasing by carbon amount, you can purchase in kg or lbs, and you can select the project of your choice from our current offset portfolio. You have to click the "Estimate" button before you can purchase, and when you do, you'll see a "Receipt URL" button which will allow you to view the offset project details:



When purchasing by dollar amount, you can choose the currency of your choice (USD, EUR, or CAD), and you can still select your preferred project from our offset portfolio. 

Once you click the "Purchase" button, the "Receipt URL" button will reappear, and the purchase will be reflected in your Account Activity and Transactions within 24 hours. 



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